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Date: 02 Nov 2014
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Was the CDC, Pharmaceutical companies and Affiliates original mission to Africa was to cure malaria-fever indefinitely with an experimental drugs ?

Humans or living things are good bacteria to the Planet-Earth, as good bacteria in the human body is a benefit to the human life. A human being with a minute or very low good bacteria in their body stands a big risk of contracting any disease anytime, anywhere, at any temperature, at any age and to any race unconditionally.

My 25-years of living in the sub-Sahara Africa gave me the fair and the true observation of the African environment, health, way of thinking, self surviving, sicknesses, culture and its relationship to nature in general. The African living in the sub-Sahara environment has naturally acquired a self cleansing cycle of their human body with a disadvantage of being sick from malaria fever which last for 3 to 4 days. The malaria-fever posses as menstrual cycle, in this case it takes many years interval of 5 to 9 years to occur, periodically 2 to 3 times in their life time, which is preventable and curable. 

The malaria normally start to affect from 5,7 to 9 years of age which will be cured with natural herbal anti-biotic with quinine purposely to avoid any bodily itches or side effects. When the body is being taken care of hygienically and with minimum mosquito bites, chances of getting malaria will be zero, otherwise one may acquire the malaria fever again at the age of 9 to 13 years of age when the body is maturing to adult level to be reproductive. After 13 to 18 or 19, when the body is being taken care of, there will be zero malaria-fever onwards.

A synthetic medicine with synthetic quinine or synthetic anti-biotic is a big potential of attacking not only the bad and the good bacteria in the body but attacks and put strain on the body organs, and we know a strained body organ result in malfunctions and in some cases when a strained organ ruptured = to bleeding, diarrhea or vomiting which can be fatal. The inhabitants of the sub-Sahara areas are authentic Nubian blooded or Black skin people with the black pigmentation covering their skin against outside infection, the protection from melanin. This melanin and their highly immune body defense system allow them to suppress sicknesses for years.

The equatorial belt of the sub-Sahara territories, specifically 35-degrees latitude is rich from any natural species, earthly raw materials, earth-soil, atmospheric oxygen and human DNA, etc. The earth's equatorial belt ground areas which is the shortest distance to the sun has been nature's blessings in disguised to the area inhabitants. The sun's shortest distance burning on the equatorial grounds not only energizes the inhabitants due to their black pigmentation skin but it also supply them with immune defense system, this nature's act apply also to animals and plants in the area, a potent environment. The equatorial belt area is also a disadvantaged to a non black pigmentation skin person or persons, the disadvantage is cancerous melanoma and quick death from malaria fever, which can be avoided by less sun activities and less mosquito bites.



(A) ;- Did the doctors without boarders / Center for Disease Control / Interim Doctors / Affiliation to CDC  or other personnel tested any experimental drugs on a malaria fever  patience, who had no symptoms of Ebola ?.

(B) ;- Did any malaria fever patience started to vomit, had a diarrhea, and bled after taking any experimental drugs. ?.

(C) ;- Was a malaria fever patience blood tested before taking any drug ?.

(D) ;- Was a malaria fever patience given an experimental drug, after a blood test was performed. ?

(E) ;- Was a malaria fever patience who was not bleeding, vomiting and without a diarrhea when taken an experimental drug, started vomiting, bleeding with a diarrhea. ?

(F) ;- If there was no Ebola disease prior to the experimental drugs, what were you going to cure ?.







Date: 11 Nov 2011
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Comments : CHINA'S  ECONOMICAL  SUCCESS  STORY; China is a deep rooted Socially Cultured Nation, a type of nation that find its Economical and Political history parallel to that of the presently Economical and Political Developing Nations who are in trouble Economically and Politically. With that experiences, China find itself to be one of the few new world leading nations in a position with flexible fruitful communication skills with the developing nations. One of China's key strategy towards a developing nation relationship is their ideology of respecting a nation social and religious culture. This natural instinct of the Chinese came by their being, (A) Majority in one religion (B) Extremely few in citizens with none-Chinese ethnic-cultural background and (C) "Shadow-Democracy"; A Democracy system being monitor within Communism, Socialism or Social-Democracy System. Does this " Shadow-Democracy" really works ?, only if a country is in the same status as (A) above, along with (B) and (C) status.

China has the most common sense strategy as A, B,& C in the field of bridging business contracts with nations richer or poor. They do not interfere with any country internal political system's structure nor their religious believes. This earned them a good reputation of good relationship among many countries, which led to businesses in Trading, Investments, Banking, Assist in nation infrastructure building, social relationship and most of all TRUST. These few economical strategies are major political components towards any nations economical success. Every nation needs help whether rich or poor and as complicated as it may be, the solution is how to approach the subject matter. China practices these as a strategy of noble gesture to other nations, specifically with the developing nations who are also looking for security of all faces, this also led the Chinese into world Economical Successfulness and in return built a trustful business relationship with the rich in raw natural materials developing nations, who are the world future economical development hope.

The world eyes are now widely open like the sun, and neo-colonization ; the economical safe heaven strategy of other nations that prey on the developing nations as a man made unpredictable economical cancer machine or parasite eating of a nations economical and political progress will not be tolerated and which never worked. Seemingly, it will take a change of  foreign policy and respect between nations, to bridge Peace Politically, Economically and Socially.

Should incase Democracy's definition may need to be redefine, then the question is, " If Democracy's Reputation is being ruin by Capitalism while Capitalism is a component of Democracy, then Democracy will never be wholly-free ".



Date: 01 Nov 2011
Time: 15:44:56
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Comments : ARE WE AHEAD OF OURSELVES IN LIFE, OR ARE WE OUT OF CONTROL?   55-Years ago, nations were craving more for comfortable life style while in competition with each other in Business Technology, Space Technology, Nuclear Technology coupled with Armed-Race to the re-born of World Economy. The fact is that, we put the Economy in the highest priority without proper Regulations of Economical-Strategy.  Economics is not like the waters whereby if you know how to swim you can just jump into the waters and will not drown. Economics has many faces which has a lot to do with Finances of properties, Export & Import, Trading, Investments, Money-Laundering and unfortunately now playing a Political role among Nations. The subject matter of Economics in any form are of a great concern to Humans the beneficiaries. I see this as writing of once Will, with or without the property owner the descendant or descendants should fairly benefit with protection.  55-years now after, the world Economy has been like a lose live segments of a cannon ball. Since there is always an end to anything that humans create, should we then treat the Economy as an ongoing Science project. My observation is that the world leading leadership body has failed the present generation for over 50-years. I hope this world Economy and it's disaster is frequently address at the United Nations Organization as deep concern to humanity because Economy can easily cripple and crumble a nation to poverty or to below poverty level, which will dance it way to the drawing table of the United Nations Organization.


Date: 08 Sep 2011
Time: 21:19:09
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Comments : America speaks! I was listening to the USA-President Obama tonight, September 8th 2011 when I realize that he is one of the few USA-Presidents with moral value leadership. I also observed from his speech that he is not in office just to be a President but to be a true leader for the U.S.A. He posses to be a good two-term President within his first term Presidency. Despite his enormous effort in repairing the damages caused economically before he took office, he still stand strong, hopeful, simple and straight forward. What the Americans did not realize is that the world listen to Obama when he speaks, this tells us that he can best have a fruitful communication with world leaders, this is an opportunity of hope to world peace, economically and politically. 



Date: 11 Jul 2011
Time: 18:31:25
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Comments : As the active uprising (revolution) in the world is now in stalemate, the world economy is still on the chess board with the potential of being double stalemate, while the developing countries economical and political infrastructure has been in a compound fractured state, since the periods they were colonized up till now. Can the developing countries focus more on their natural-raw material to be utilize more into a finish products as their number one Productivity for more jobs instead of exporting almost all their raw-materials.



Date: 25 Jun 2011
Time: 19:16:22
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Comments : In the world today, not only we are witnessing while experiencing the failure of ruling a country by many world leaders and the world economy is in shambles but we are also experiencing mistrust among nations. Approximately fifty to sixty years ago, when colonization seem to be ending, there was a coming hope of true independency among nations and there was always a room to communicate among nations. In today world I will not hesitate to question  if the world is now a lose cannon-ball and every body is doing what they feel like or should there be an international basic ruling law that every country should abide with economically, politically and socially. Just a thought.



Date: 13 Jun 2011
Time: 23:30:08
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Comments : North Africa & The Middle East Arab Nations are not only experiencing Economical disaster that will affect the world in the near future, but they are also facing a long term Political Instability yet to come. Historically, an internal successful revolution of a nation is normally generated from their military and a revolution without the military effort becomes a long term civil war or a gorilla war which never end.

Viewing North Africa & the Middle East Arab Nations in their present uprising, poses a long term civil or gorilla war and if the leaders in those unrest-uprising nations refuse to communicate with their citizens to compromise issues on Human Rights within their governments, then we are looking at endless civil war or endless gorilla war. Their problem is also other nations problem and my opinion is hoping that communication start at some point sooner than later.



Date: 01 Jun 2011
Time: 20:47:19
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Comments : Can True Democracy work in the Middle East Arab Nations or any other Islamic Nation ?

First what is DEMOCRACY ?. A system of a Government in which the supreme power is vested in its citizens and practices directly by them and their elected agents under a free electoral system, Politically, Socially and Economically. Democracy, though NOT fully being practice to its utmost limit by Western and European governments, it has been fairly a successful system so far for Human rights and Civil rights.

In other Muslim nations where Islam is their Government-System they hesitate to use the word democracy freely, while a non-Islamic nation may use the word democracy loosely. What is the difference ? Democratic Nations now practices most of their government system mutually with women as equality under their human rights laws, democracy systems is also more tolerable with other religious believes while in reality, under the same democracy system an individual social rights may seem to be out of control in appearance, dressed half-naked or totally naked or in many cases practices racism.

If an Islamic Nation can not mutually work or pray with women or tolerate with different other non-Islamic religion within their nations, then a government in the Middle East with a democracy system become questionable. Can then an Islamic government system nation adjust to human rights and equality without interruption within their Islamic government system.

In many instances a language of communication seem to impose a European or Western style democracy-system upon them or may we have to draw a new definition for the word Democracy.

My advice is to use the words "Human-Rights" more often with any Islamic nations with or without in uprising state, than using of the word "Democracy" at this time with them



Date: 24 May 2011
Time: 10:13:33
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Comments : You are correct! the United States of America is more active in world affairs than the United Nations Organization. It's just that sometimes it is good to break the Laws to archive necessary objectives to influence a common sense Laws that may have been ignored in the world for a long time.



Date: 24 May 2011
Time: 08:52:41
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Comments : The interesting thing is that the world is paying more attention to the United States of America than the United Nations Organization. Did the United Nations Org. lost it roll as the world leading reputable organization. Reading most of the world public opinion given on this website tells me the UN is becoming incompetent daily in general, specifically in every day World affairs in War or in Peace. I hope the United Nations Organization is not selling its rights of supervising the World activities, I also hope that other nations sponsoring the United Nations Organization is not taking advantage over their being a sponsor by practicing insubordination. What we don't want is a divided United Nations that may influence other nations to be out of control due to their being in a segregated mode.



Date: 15 May 2011
Time: 09:57:34
Remote User : # 2011-20133*

Comments : Crystal clear, what we are witnessing in these uprisings in the world today; Nation leaders abusing their nations and their citizens rights, Conspiracies impose upon other nations, Warmongering impose upon other nations just to test weapons. What we do NOT see is communication call from the United Nations Organization and the World leaders to compromise the deadly uprisings.



Date: 12 May 2011
Time: 18:09:41
Remote User: 2011-20132*

Comments : The world leading organizations and leaders will have to go back to the drawing board, the mind of the world is not as it seem to be anymore. We forgot to make contingency plans for the human thinking-mind within our rulings because we were cut in a the past, in the mean time we are lost in the present future. I believe and agree that not only communication will help solve most of the world problems but will help foresee the future generation mind-thinking and how to help run future nations peacefully.



Date: 10 May 2011
Time: 20:44:08
Remote User: 2011-20131

Comments : I watch nations rise against her own people in many third world countries but united nations does nothing about it. However something termed uprising is spreading like disease in most regions were leadership is suffering. What is the aim of this UN charter we read about in the news. This is unfair world. It is all about survival of the fittest. God save your people



Date: 01 May 2011
Time: 12:12:46
Remote User: # 2011-20130*

Comments : THE METAMORPHOSE OF THE SUPPRESSED HUMAN MIND IS ALWAYS UNPREDICTABLE; The revolution sweeping the Middle-East, North-Africa and other areas in reality can not be handle by other world leaders or any organizations. However, for the outsider to participate in a metamorphose-revolution can divert the true destination of the process to another unpredictable results. One can certainly say that the world in danger is now solidly the world is not a peaceful place. So what do we do? When we were created we were given three things to witness matters to be able to justify correctly, those three things are the ears the eyes and the mouth, these three human components of the mind can help communicate, so we can always be called human-being. REINFORCE COMMUNICATIONS, THOUGH IT MAY SPILL ANGER OF HOSTILITY.



Date: 20 Apr 2011
Time: 13:43:15
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Comments : I hope these uprisings going on in the Middle-East and Africa will be of a reminder for other nations to re-evaluate their nations Political structure, if it fits their nations power sharing and human rights laws. Most nations leaders tend to confuse their nation's internal political-structure needs and services to that of a National Politics.



Date: 06 Apr 2011
Time: 16:22:26
Remote User: # 2011-20128*

Comments : Could this revolution sweeping the Middle East and Africa has anything to do with Religious conflict, political conflict, Economical conflict or Poor Governmental Leadership ?.



Date: 04 Apr 2011
Time: 08:25:41
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Comments : I am very disappointed, whose idea is to armed peaceful demonstrators ( protesters ) with guns? Was this a suicide act ?.



Date: 29 Mar 2011
Time: 16:43:55
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Comments : Will this ongoing revolutions in the world today create more enemies among nations and what are the precautions. My advice to the world community is that, in such situations where such action is to be executed, it should be perform under the United Nations Organization's MILITARY UNIFORM, U.N. MARKED WAR SHIPS and U.N. MARKED WAR PLANES. If the U.N. don't have these items, they can rent them, if the U.N. don't have the military  personnel they can hire for the period. This will prevent an individual country as being the scapegoat enemy. After all the decision was made from the United Nations Organization. If there is no such thing as U.N. Military Peace Action, create one. Peace be on earth.



Date: 28 Mar 2011
Time: 22:41:43
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Comments : The Agony of Defeat in World Politics:- The re-structuring of a nation, the transition to new leadership, the dangers and scars from revolutions, learning's about the true nature of human behavior and the unpredictable results during a leadership. Historically, almost all previous and present leaders never set up their mind as working for their nations citizens, yes it was the other way around. Many leaders of many nations are blind about what a leadership is about. United Nations Organization must be given a credit for bringing many problems to the table, in which many of the problems has been solved in both peaceful and non-peaceful manner. We have a long way to go and we should be very careful in handling each nation's political incidents without creating more incidents. If scars can be invincible what a peaceful mind there will be.



Date: 21 Mar 2011
Time: 19:07:24
Remote User: # 2011-20124*

Comments: Certainly the world is at war with its self. It may not appear in the mind or in the eyes of others as so, but in realty this global tension is intensifying and threaten the average world wide individual security and safety. My opinion to world peaceful solution is for The United Nations Organizations may have to examine its members Political Systems, for the sake of their civilians if it fits as a system that serves-applies to human rights. Unless we want to wait for another "NO-FLY-ZONE" act which costs human lives. A world without a peace maker is a world of no tomorrow.



Date: 21 Mar 2011
Time: 18:06:58
Remote User: # 2011-20123*

Comments:  Are we better now or worse in the world today ? With high tech "Risky-Technology" in place of our lives, such as Nuclear Weapons for killing humans, Nuclear Energy Plants, Synthetic Medications and Synthetic Food without Good Bacteria. These examples are few of many which shows us our deficiency in our morality and questions if we are in danger to our selves or if we are our own nightmare. I believe we humans have not reach the highest point of our integrity yet, though we may think we are closer. However, my opinion is to the world leading organizations to stage a strong rules and regulations, to at list come up with a good effective Safety-Contingency plans towards each such matters, which at list will help alleviate to safety ness



Date: 10 Mar 2011
Time: 10:05:32
Remote User: # 2011-20122*

Comments : The unveilings of the once Colonial-Ruling Success Stories is naturally unearth in the Middle-East and Africa. The most unrest nations on earth today are the one time colonized nations, specifically Africa and the Middle-East, these nations natural Social-Democracy rulings was broken into a compound fractured Politically, Socially and Economically state of mind under colonization. Almost all of those nations were left with if not colonial system, colonial modernized system at list were left in neo-colonization state; ( A hidden system which pronounces a country as totally independent country, yet politically and economically broken and depend on either the previous colonial government or other countries ). Research tells us those one time colonized nations were one time structured politically, economically and socially in the best of their interest within their own sovereign geographical area. Later their nations were boarded as nations in to one country and colonial system was imposed upon them without carefully examining weather those system will be in their best interest. The result was Coup d'e tat, military rule and foreign systems which never worked up till now. So the question is how do we help solve these instability among the developing countries. When you already have in place a system within a nation that work for that nation , it will be a mistake to prejudge them or set them under foreign system-rule. Certain political system work for groups settled in one area not related to each other or unknown to each other culture and the same political system may not work for groups who are related to each other culturally in one geographical area. Supposed to be independent countries who are approximately 10 to 50 years old are in "Stale-mate" or "Check-mate" politically and economically. These nations will need Re-structuring help from the United Nations Organizations to help eliminate today's and future chaos politically, economically and socially. Talking to a nation leaders within a country and not just the government will help.



Date: 02 Mar 2011
Time: 05:02:09
Remote User: # 2011-20121*

Comments : Diplomacy can prevent bloodshed, diplomacy can prevent economical and political chaos and certainly not only diplomacy can prevent war but can prevent global tension. Acceptable and unacceptable political systems in certain countries has been known to the world for sometime, yet they were engaged economically and politically with the world community in many businesses. Can the diplomacy that was applied with those countries in maintaining businesses, this time be converted into a sensible diplomacy to enable countries practice a system with 100% human rights. For the sake of innocent civilian lives world wide, the world community can not allow an uprising from one or two countries to be turn into world wide uprising among nations. In today's world, if the world community can not peacefully solve an internal economical and political conflict within a country, then we as humans are incompetent within our lives and just living as individuals or leaders without foresight



Date: 23 Feb 2011
Time: 18:20:15
Remote User: # 2011-20120*

Comments: What is going on in the world today is the evidence of world leadership Failure. This world leadership failure runs from certain nations who claimed to be practicing Democracy, along with Social-Democracy, Socialist, Communism, Monarchy and even Religious-rules. Most of these rulers are of a Wolf in a Sheep skin type. Some of the world government functions in a negative manner, those governments think their nation's public should work for them, instead of that government serving their nations people. From my research result, most citizens in most countries survive on their own without any government assistance. The saddest thing is that after these poor people struggle to established their own mini businesses with their own capital, their government collect business fee from them. The old mafia style. The most shameful thing is that after a government profit from their national products, the citizens of that nation is left out. These little or major disadvantages is what create national and global economical chaos ,crime and which also instigates toppling of a government. Upon all said above, does the United Nations Organization have a program whereby they supervise HUMANE activities in each country.



Date: 20 Feb 2011
Time: 18:51:12
Remote User: # 2011-20119

Comments: I personally think that the UN's effort in ensuring world peace has not been effective over the years. Indeed, a carefully analysis of world situation clearly points to the fact that there is more chaos in the world today than it used to be. The UN with it seemingly unlimited resources continue to fail in its primary objective of ensuring world peace. Reasons are as follows: 1. I simply cannot mention even one situation that peace has been brokered in any war tone country. Iraq is still being torn into pieces and people continue to die each day. One may ask, where is the UN? 2. Palestine and Israel have been fighting for decades now and very little is said about UN. The most recent is the issue in Egypt. Dozens of people lost their lives in their fight for democracy in the middle east country. The ordinary people in Egypt fought for themselves without looking to the UN for intervention. Indeed, the UN would not have succeeded anyway. We could say similar thing about Libya and other countries. 2. In situations where the UN attempts to make their presence felts, they wait a bit too long by which time too much damage has been caused. This for me defeats their primary objective of ensuring a peaceful co-existence. May be there is the need to look critically at the modus operandi of the UN. They should be more spontaneous in their fight for world peace. I believe they could do better than they have done in the past and I believe strongly that they have what it takes to make impact in world affairs.



Date: 19 Feb 2011
Time: 13:05:09
Remote User: # 2011-20118*

Comments: When a leadership become questionable its reliability become less-trustful. I believe the United Nations Organization is doing the best they can, but they are not standing firmly for the world civilians, members can only be  less criticize as a Nation only if that Nation registered their Nation as their personal property, which never happen. In my utmost opinion to the United Nations Organization, all member Nations and non-member Nations political system should be re-evaluated under Humane and Human Rights Laws, this I strongly believe will abolish neo-colonization practices in certain countries by their country leaders.



Date: 15 Feb 2011
Time: 08:12:35
Remote User: # 2011-20117*

Comments: This is the moment when the United Nations Organization is to seize the opportunity to voice out to the world, addressing the world leaders to practice "Decency of Ethics". Beating drums in a closed doors not only impair the drummer's hearing but the message from the drums is not heard outside that closed doors.



Date: 11 Feb 2011
Time: 12:47:44
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Date: 06 Feb 2011
Time: 01:27:14
Remote User: # 2011-20115*

Comments:  The concern is; before any country or nation join the united nations organization, shouldn't their political and social structure be examine first under a common human rights law. I believe this will help bring awareness in practicing goodness in humanity. Political system has many faces, yet this different system faces can be best practice in a harmony without any special label to a nation. Under Justice, Freedom and Peace, without discriminations of believe, race, profession, sex or even a monarchy-system. However, all of these political system differences within certain nations is to be decided by the people of that nation. Human rights practices in each nation under freedom and respect makes one sleep soundly.



Date: 01 Feb 2011
Time: 03:51:11
Remote User: # 2011-20114*

Comments:  The events in our world today Feb.1st 2011 has become an introduction to a test of a new World Order. The true integrity of the human mind is at a test.



Date: 31 Jan 2011
Time: 23:29:46
Remote User: # 2011-20113

Comments: The small group of people that control the globe.....allow the UN too little power.



Date: 27 Jan 2011
Time: 11:00:53
Remote User: # 2011-20112

Comments: Well, they do not seem to be very effective at it. Sometimes it seems they are an extension of the very powers they may--and increasingly--have to thwart. It would be ideal if the UN weren't so beholden to the great powers; i.e. if it were more neutral. For then its moderating influence would be far greater. Also, the UN should try to be less bureaucratic, and more streamlined, agile, so as to adapt better to issue and conflict resolution. I realize it is an organization like any other but, I think, with a more 'consistent' vision outlined for it and a more fair performance, the organization itself would be more enthusiastic and more adept at fulfilling its mission. In other words the UN itself is comprised of people, and if its performance is fairer and more consistent, its lofty goals would not fail to energize its people to in turn make it perform better. Commonsense after all. I must end on this note: that though I think the UN is largely ineffective, I see no other organization that can play the role it was designed to play. Hence I am not advocating for dismantling it, merely suggesting that it needs to be radically overhauled.



Date: 26 Jan 2011
Time: 20:22:29
Remote User: # 2011-20111*

Comments: I believe it will take Communication, compromise and simple respect towards one another. If one intentionally choose not to give a simple opinion as a freedom of speech toward world peaceful solution, then he or she should not complain when the world become a trouble place to be in. Somebody tell me if I am wrong.



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